With company headquarters in Hänigsen, Lower Saxony (Germany), Köttermann GmbH is a leading international vendor of comprehensive steel-based laboratory furniture and systems. Our product portfolio includes laboratory furniture, safety storage cabinets, service supply systems and fume cupboards. All of our products are made in Germany. Our laboratories are installed by our own distributors in eleven European countries and by authorised partners worldwide. KÖTTERMANN has around 250 employees and a total turnover of around €50 million.

Our customers are located around the world, and so is our presence. Our customers are always the focus of our activities. Our ambition is to make it easy to do business with KÖTTERMANN and to implement projects. We want to have enthusiastic customers, for which reason we have launched a company-wide project: “Total Customer Care” is more than just a promise. It makes us fit for the future, both as a company and as employees. Our standard is outstanding quality.

We always have an eye on the future. Intelligence and innovation are closely related, and the education and training of our employees are amongst our most important tasks. The official opening of the Köttermann Academy in its own building in 2013 testifies to our commitment to this concept.