EXPLORIS EcoPlus® Abzug

EXPLORIS EcoPlus® fume cupboard

The economical EXPLORIS EcoPlus® reduces the consumption of air that requires complex conditioning in the laboratory by up to 30% compared to conventional fume cupboard.

EXPLORIS EcoPlus® reduces the consumption of expensive conditioned air in the laboratory by up to
30 percent compared to conventional fume cupboards. This saves energy, protects the environment
and reduces the operating costs per fume cupboard by up to € 1,000 per year. The ventilation system
offers further saving potential: Smaller pipe cross-sections and smaller dimensioned fans can
save up to 20 percent on investment costs.

Bench-type fume cupboards are available as EXPLORIS EcoPlus® and can be retrofitted.

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Properties and benefits

  • Certified according to DIN EN 14175 Part 2 and Part 3
  • Tested safety at 250 m³/h per running metre – no cost-intensive supportive flow technology
    • Meets the requirements in the demanding robustness test without consuming supply air
  • Even more cost-effective due to low air consumption
    • Reduces the operating costs of the fume cupboard by up to 30 percent depending on the room conditions
    • Reduces the investment costs of the exhaust air system
  • Exemplary sustainability
    • Environmental protection through low energy consumption
    • Longevity and environmentally sound disposal through the material steel

Equipment options

  • Sash options
    • one-piece sash (fume cupboards with standard front height)
    • telescopic sash (fume cupboards with reduced front height)
    • two-piece laminated safety glass (with and without sliding glass panels)
  • Foot switch for operating the sash
  • Interior: coated steel, optional lining in Trespa® Toplab®VERTICAL
  • Drawer with full pull-out, cushioned automatic closure and label
  • Worktops in different materials
  • LED interior lighting
  • Programmable sockets in the fume cupboard chamber
  • Individual gas, water and electrical fittings with qualtity products from BROEN – LAB A/S, Spectron Gas Control Systems GmbH and GCE GmbH
  • Integrated fuses / RCCBs
  • Scaffolding parts for the installation on the rear panel of the fume cupboard
  • Cable entry through the inlet profile on the worktop
  • Cable bushing in the fume cupboard side
  • Window in the fume cupboard side
  • Also available as fume cupboard for low ceiling height with reduced front height (2300mm) and floor-mounted service columns

Technical details

Convincing figures

Fume cupboard conventionalEXPLORIS EcoPlus®Saving EXPLORIS EcoPlus®
Operating time per f.c. (width 1500 mm)
1 hour6000,483750,300,18
1 day (a 8 hours)4.8003,843.0002,401,44
1 year (250 days a 8 hours)1.200.000960,00750.000600360
1 year (250 days a 24 hours)3.600.0002.880,002.250.00018001080

Assumption: 1 000 m³ of processed laboratory air costs 0.80 Euro.


EXPLORIS EcoPlus® Abzug Maße


Dimensions in mm / Volume flow in m³/h
Front height25502550255025502550
Housing height2300/26002300/26002300/26002300/26002300/2600
Usable space width11001400170019002000
Usable space height1115/14151115/14151115/14151115/14151115/1415
Usable space depth800800800800800
Working height900900900900900
Minimum permissible volume flow (alarm value)300375450530530
Volume flow to be adjusted360450540630630
Maximum permissible volume flow15001500150015001500