EXPLORIS TouchTronic®

The intelligent control system.

Our innovative EXPLORIS TouchTronic® fume cupboard electronics make it easy to control numerous functions. It is the universal monitoring and control unit for all EXPLORIS® fume cupboards.

The touch screen integrated in the right column allows a wide range of functions to be controlled
and monitored.

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EXPLORIS AirMonitor®

EXPLORIS TouchTronic AirMonitor®

Depending on the configuration, it monitors the air volume flow or the face velocity of the fume cupboard in m³ per hour. When falling below the limit value, it is displayed both visually and acoustically and, if necessary, forwarded to the building control system.

EXPLORIS AutoProtect®

EXPLORIS TouchTronic AutoProtect®

When leaving the workplace at the fume cupboard, the EXPLORIS AutoProtect® closes the sash automatically. The sash is opened and closed via the slider on the touch screen, via the foot switch or by slightly lifting the sash – thanks to EXPLORIS SoftMatic.

EXPLORIS CloseGuard®

EXPLORIS TouchTronic CloseGuard®

Ensures that the sash does not close automatically if something protrudes into or out of the fume cupboard.

EXPLORIS AirControl®

EXPLORIS TouchTronic AirControl®

The fully variable exhaust air control ensures that the required exhaust air is only as high as the safety demands.


EXPLORIS TouchTronic VarioTop®

Automatic adjustment and programming of individual working heights with changing requirements such as sitting / standing height or different height experimental setups in the interior of the fume cupboard.

EXPLORIS LevelControl®

EXPLORIS TouchTronic LevelControl®

A fill level monitoring unit for the collection of liquids directly in the fume cupboard.
A maximum of two EXPLORIS LevelControl® per fume cupboard can be connected.

Additional functions

  • Update, remote diagnosis and parameterisation via USB interface
  • Switching of electrical components (fan, lighting, exhaust air scrubber)
  • Programming of sockets in the interior of the fume cupboard
  • Temperature monitoring (high-performance fume cupboard)