Pharmacy hood

Space saving and flexible.

Pharmacy fume cupboards are small fume cupboards that were especially developed for the
handling of hazardous substances in pharmacies. Of course, they comply with the requirements
of § 4 (2) of the German Pharmacy Regulations and are ideally suited for working with dusty preparations or volatile chemicals – not only in pharmacies.

Pharmacy fume cupboards are always used when less toxic substances need to be extracted.

  • Protection against harmful vapours
  • Filling on volatile solvents
  • Enclosing of small experiments
  • Neutralisation of odours
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Properties and benefits

  • Well suited for small laboratories and rooms with low ceiling height
  • Optimal placement on a table
  • Integrated airflow monitoring
  • For the connection to an exhaust air system available on site

Equipment options

  • Sash: one-piece sash made of polyacrylic
  • Monitoring electronics
  • Interior light
  • Infinitely adjustable acrylic glass sash
  • Optionally with integrated fan
  • Completely equipped with gas, water and power supply

Further exhaust air accessories

  • Extraction arms
  • Extraction canopies
  • Bench-type fume cupboard without services

Technical details

Dimensions EXPLORIS® Pharmacy fume hood

Apothekenabzug Maße

EXPLORIS® Pharmacy fume hood

Dimensions n mm / Volume flow in m³/h
Width 900 900 800 800
Height 1350 1350 1350 1350
Depth 640 640 640 640
Usable space height 895 985 985 985
Fan x - x -
Services x x - -
Minimum required volume flow 250 250 250 250