Hazardous substances cabinets by Köttermann

Hazardous substances storage with maximum fire resistance and XXL storage space.

We offer safe storage options for all hazardous substances, including acids, bases, toxic chemicals and flammable liquids. For example, in the event of fire. Our safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids are distinguished by their extremely high fire resistance rating. If the room temperature rises due to fire, the doors will close automatically. The insulating sandwich construction protects the stored hazardous substances against heat and flames. Cabinets from the current range are regularly inspected by an independent institute.

The capacity of our underbench safety cabinets is also impressive – they can hold two levels of 1-litre laboratory bottles, making maximum use of the storage space.

Chemical storage


Acid & base cabinet

Säure und Laugenschrank

Safety cabinet


Safety storage cabinets for pressurised gas cylinders

Sicherheitsschrank für Druckgasflaschen

Tall safety cabinets with pull-out door

Sicherheitshochschrank mit Kulissenauszug