Labor Zellenschrank

Laboratory cell cabinet

Transparency at island benches

Cell cabinets can be fitted on service cells and mounted between or on the columns. A special feature is that they can be accessed from both sides when used with a middle bench. Cell cabinets provide valuable storage space for reagents, laboratory material and small equipment above service cell workstations.
Cell cabinets are available with open fronts, hinged doors or sliding glass doors. Glass doors create a light, open appearance. Closed fronts create a uniform and orderly overall appearance.

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Material: High-grade steel (1.0330), electrogalvanised

Colour: Arctic White (NCS S 0505 R80B), similar RAL Design 260 90 05

Carcass Grid height:

  • 480 mm, 630 mm
  • Inside: minus 70 mm

Carcass Grid width:

  • 600, 900, 1200, 1500 mm
  • Internal: minus 40 mm

Carcass Depth:

  • Open or sliding glass doors 450 mm
  • Hinged doors: 482 mm

Carcass Load capacity: 80 kg net load

Doors: Soundproofed with double-wall design, Clip-on hinges, opening angle 270°

Technical details

Cell cabinets

Dimensions Cell cabinets

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