Service cell

A wide range of possibilities.

Service cells are the traditional form of service supply in the EXPLORIS® product range. Service cells come in two types: floor-mounted and bench-mounted. They can be used with wall benches and island benches. Floor-mounted service cells are normally fitted either behind the worktop or free-standing to provide services to large equipment or mobile benches. Bench-mounted service cells are installed on the worktop and form a fixed unit with the laboratory bench, resulting in a larger work surface.

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Properties and advantages

  • Light visual appearance in the laboratory
  • Diverse configuration options
  • Good access to services when the workstation is occupied by large apparatus
  • Vertical arrangement of services enables well organised and structured workstations
  • Good access to shelves and cell cabinets, providing plenty of room for laboratory material, reagents and apparatus
  • Individually configurable and retrofittable service cassettes


  • Material: high-grade steel (1.0330), electrolytically galvanised, polyurethane coated
  • Colour: Arctic White (NCS S 0505 R80B), similar to RAL Design 260 90 05
  • Wall workstations and island workstations (free-standing)
  • Sitting work height (750 mm) and standing work height (900 mm)
  • Widths: 900, 1200, 1500, 1800 mm
  • Piped or unpiped
  • Lowered or flush bench bridge
  • Heights: 1320, 1620, 1920 mm

Configuration options

  • With or without basin in bench bridge
  • Splashbacks with single-pane tempered safety glass or steel
  • Gas services: unregulated or regulated taps and valves for technical gases and combustion gases; taps for high-purity gases
  • Fluid services: cold water (WNC), hot water (WNH), demineralised water, cooling water supply (WCF), cooling water return (WCR)
  • Power sockets, power feeds, equipotential bonding, etc.
  • Glass or HPL shelves with 30 kg load capacity
  • Cell cabinets
  • Lighting and other accessories
  • Integrable washing workstations
  • Laboratory benches with underbench cabinets, mobile benches or seat niches

Technical details

Dimensions Service cells

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