After the flood: A new laboratory for the Sinzig sewage treatment plant­

Masses of water in the Ahrtal destroy laboratory facility. Uncomplicated project management by Köttermann supports a new laboratory setup in the container village only five months after the destruction.

Last year’s flood in the Ahrtal was not only destructive for countless households, but also for many companies and facilities. Among them was the sewage treatment plant in Sinzig, whose equipment, including the laboratory, was almost completely destroyed – only the shell remained intact after the floods. Within­ only five months, a container village was built on the grounds of the sewage treatment plant with new facilities to ensure the operation of the wastewater treatment plant as quickly as possible. The organisation of the new laboratory facilities was carried out in a short time through hand-in-hand work by Köhler GmbH in Andernach as the project management and assembly expert and the laboratory equipment company Köttermann. Thanks to the interlocking trades, operations could be resumed only five months after the flood.

The flood had submerged the laboratory rooms of the wet/dry laboratory with office compartment up to half a metre under water. The laboratory equipment was completely destroyed – including acid and alkali cabinets, freezers, thermo- and refrigerators, computers and a fume cupboard. The Abwasserzweckverband Untere Ahr (Lower Ahr Wastewater Association), which is based in the region and has been associated with the association for many years, commissioned the company Köhler GmbH with the new installation. The temporary container village enabled ­new ready-to-occupy room solutions as quickly as possible. In view of what had been experienced, the attributes of quality and durability played a decisive role in the selection of the new laboratory furnishing components – with laboratory furniture made of steel, the Köttermann company offers exactly the durable and flexible furnishing that was desired. Fortunately, the flood had not destroyed a new laboratory: the old furnishings from the eighties were already getting on in years, so now new product solutions not only provide a modern look, but also make everyday work easier. For example, the fume cupboard could be combined with the acid/alkali cabinet to save space. The laboratory planners also chose spacious base units, as hanging cabinets are not allowed in the rental containers.


Repairing all the flood damage in the sewage treatment plant took and still takes time. It will take several years to rebuild and replace interim solutions. As the largest plant in the Ahrtal, it is designed for 115,000 inhabitants and is thus of great importance for water protection. New plans include expanding the capacity to 170,000 inhabitants – according to the latest technical possibilities and flood-protected.



For 75 years, the Köttermann company in Hänigsen, Lower Saxony, has been producing flexible laboratory equipment­­ solutions for customers from over 40 industry segments. ­Individual components ­are ­produced ­to meet specific needs and ­provide a safe laboratory working environment. The product portfolio ­includes laboratory furniture and fume cupboards, fume extraction systems, ­air management, safety and hazardous material­­ cupboards and media supply systems.




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