Köttermann becomes an affiliate company of the Block group

With a solid economic position, Köttermann is directly owned by the BHM group a.s. to which the BLOCK Group also belongs.

At the end of June, the former parent company BLOCK Group a.s. sold its shares at the Köttermann company to the superordinate Czech BHM Group based in Prague.

Only four years after the insolvency, Köttermann and the Czech BLOCK Group are now equal in the portfolio of the parent company BHM group a.s. Tomas and Marek Krsek, who have been responsible for the successful corporate strategy since the takeover by the BLOCK Group, maintain their economic rights.

The growing economic importance of the Köttermann Group has made it possible to put Köttermann on equal footing with BLOCK Group a.s. The new organization is supporting the strategic management of Köttermann. The areas of sales, finance, insurance and risk management will be further strengthened and future growth will be favoured in the long term.

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