Tailored to your requirements.

Laboratory work is very diverse, and so are our EXPLORIS® worktops. Thus you can be certain of obtaining exactly the right work surface for your needs. You can choose from ten different materials, each with its own particular advantages.

Stainless steel bench surface

Labortischplatte Edelstahl

Epoxy bench surface

Labortischplatte Epoxy

Standard melamine bench surface

Labortischplatte Melamin Standard

TopResist® melamine bench surface

Labortischplatte Melamin TopResist®

Polypropylene (PP) bench surface

Labortischplatte Polypropylen

Trespa/HPL bench surface

Labortischplatte Trespa Toplab®PLUS

Composite glass bench surface

Labortischplatte Verbundglas

Composite ceramic bench surface

Labortischplatte Verbundkeramik

Ceramic bench surface

Labortischplatte Vollkeramik

Changes in the lab are probably as old as the lab itself. With the changing demands on lab technicians and analytical methods and continuous technological advances, the demands on lab furniture and equipment are also evolving.

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Available types


Worktops made of ceramic, HPL, melamine, polypropylene and composite glass are available in the following colours:

  • Baltic Blue (NCS S 2030 R70B)
  • White (similar to 9010)
  • Grey (similar to 7035)

Epoxy resin worktops are available in the following colours:

  • Baltic Blue
  • Black

Various options are available according to your occupational health and safety requirements:

  • Marine edge
  • Thick edging
  • Exposed edges


  • Width: linear metre
  • Depth: 600, 750, 900 mm
  • Service wall: 670 mm and 820 mm

Various shapes are available to implement your planned laboratory layout:

  • Rectangular worktops, outside corner and inside corner worktops, octagonal worktops