Commercial and Domestic School Horb

Unique furnishing solution for innovative teaching.

In Horb on the Neckar, an unusual school laboratory facility has been created: A visionary teacher wanted a cooperative learning environment that would put her as a teacher at eye level with the students. The request for a teacher’s lab table in the middle of the room could be realised thanks to the octagonal corner solutions of the student workstations. The pupils can also communicate with each other almost without obstacles thanks to the transparent service cell glass inserts. The service columns are produced in a filigree design especially for this purpose – made possible by the basic material of the Köttermann laboratory equipment, steel. The digital way of working in the lessons required practical storage devices for the tablets. The simple holders leave enough space for experimenting and allow ergonomic working. Here, too, steel offers the advantage of an extremely thin product design and easy cleaning during use.

Location: Horb on the Neckar
Size: 60 square metres
Year of realisation: 2022


In the laboratory at the commercial and domestic school in Horb, the following furniture from the EXPLORIS® product line was planned and assembled, among others: