Ludwig Fresenius Schulen Dortmund

Chemical and galenics laboratories for the Ludwig Fresenius vocational school in Dortmund.

Our main field of activity is the basis for research, progress and education. We have been able to create an enriching learning environment for the trainees as pharmaceutical as well as biological technical assistants at the Ludwig-Fresenius schools in Dortmund through flexible special solutions. Köttermann’s service cells played a major role: Their open construction ensures a safe working environment and a good overview of the work tables. The vertical arrangement of the media additionally improves the work structure and organisation.

Ort: Dortmund
Size: 1000 square metres
Year of realisation: 2020

Die Produkte

At the Ludwig Fresenius schools in Dortmund, the following components from the EXPLORIS® product line were planned and installed, among others: